Name: Horiuchi Kei
Title: Divine Gardener
Weapon: The Tines of Destiny

Horiuchi Kei’s gardens, from their topiary to their koi ponds to their careful bonsai, are extensions of Horiuchi himself, and his legendary eye for detail. He has therefore a reputation as being extremely cold, irritable, and even misanthropic, but nevertheless he is extremely warm and nurturing to plants and small animals like koi fish. Patrons have reported receiving letters addressed to their gardens, and if they reply in a way that indicates a problem–or do not reply at all–Horiuchi Kei has been known to appear at their door demanding answers. His garden tool, the Tines of Destiny, is a twin of the Unmei no Fuguhiki forged by Sengo Muramasa and despite its simple nature is the equal of any weapon on the battlefield or off.

Name: Ike Takashi
Title: Divine Weaver
Weapon: Tengoku no harinezumi no hari

Patterns, textiles, silks, and satins; Ike Takashi is a master of every form of textile creation. Having worked his way up from a runner at a weaving concern to the undisputed head of the weavers’ guilds and a master of the art, Ike is by far the most institutionalized of the Seven Divine Crafters, generally traveling only as it relates to supervising and auditing weavers around the country rather than wandering as he sees fit. But this does not speak to any softness or weakness on his part; his signature weapons is a pair of steel needles connected by a chain called Tengoku no harinezumi no hari, the Spines of the Divine Hedgehog.

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