Flag of the Teuton Confederation

Flag of the Teuton Confederation, also known as the First Teuton Republic.

After the Valois Empire destroyed the old Holy Teutonic Empire, reducing the former Emperor to a mere tributary/allied King, the Valoise reorganized the other lands into the Teuton Confederation, sometimes also called the First Teuton Republic especially after the creation and fall of the Second Teuton Republic 150 years later. Despite the name, the Confederation was only nominally republican, and virtually all of the reigning monarchs retained their thrones. Each was, as a condition of peace, required to send a delegate to a central legislature or Bundesrat as well as providing troops to fight alongside Valois in its further campaign.

In theory, the Bundesrat and its presiding officer, the Bundeskanzler, were a more democratic alternative to the old Imperial Electorate and Emperor, voting on all major decisions. In practice, though, the Bundeskanzler was derisively referred to as an ersatzkaiser or valoisenkaiser–the ‘substitute Emperor’ or ‘Valoise Emperor.’ All decisions were nakedly made for the benefit of Valois, there was little room for discussion or debate, and all the delegates were essentially Valoise puppets. This perhaps contributed to the swift collapse of the Confederation in the face of the resurgent Preuben, Ostrich, and Poccnor forces.

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