Flag of the Empire of Ostrich prior to the First Republic.

The traditional flag of the Empire of Ostrich is made up of the Emperor’s personal colors of black and white with the arms of the Von Streuthen dynasty. The Empire’s name comes from the Old High Church Teutonic word Ostarrîchi, itself a more-or-less literal translation of the Latin Marchia Orientalis, the Eastern March of the Teutons, with the Marchia Occidentalis, the Western March of the Teutons, essentially corresponding with the Holy Teuton Empire, Ostrich’s greatest rival and closest ally.

While the name of the Empire and the name of the African flightless bird are only identical thanks to an etymological quirk, this was not lost on the old Emperor Karl II, famous for his whimsy. It was Karl II that made the bird the symbol of his empire, adopting an ‘ostrich close with dagger’d beak’ as his personal arms, with its addition to the flag coming at a later date. Karl II responded to his chancellor’s suggestion that he choose “a more distinguished bird” with the retort that he “would make it distinguished.” He also noted the ruler of Luxnebe, the Prince of Chartreuse, had made ‘a humble color his own, and an Ostrich was far less humble than a Pear.”

White ostrich feathers were thereafter popular parade and dress plumes in the imperial Ostrichian army, though the term “Ostrichia” came to dominate as time went on and represents the modern name of the (much smaller) modern nation-state.

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