Imperial Flag of the Czardom of Poccnr.

The Czars of Poccnr consider their vast realm to be the successor to the now-destroyed empires of old, and thanks to a fortuitous marriage to the niece of an emperor hundreds of years ago, they do have a tenuous claim to such a title. This is where the three-headed Imperial Seal of the Poccnran Czars comes from: one head each for the fallen empires and a third, exultant, head for Poccnr itself, each with a crown. This is also reflected in the Triple Crown of the Empire, which is so heavy that it can only be worn for a few moments during coronation and is often merely displayed nearby for weakling Czars. Michael III was removed from power after only a year for the crime of being too weak to wear the crown, for instance.

The original Poccnran banner was a simple triple eagle on a field of yellow, but this led to battlefield confusion with the Teutons, Poccnr’s on-again off-again frenemies to the west, who used a similar banner with a single eagle. As such, Czar Paul II revised the flag, placing the imperial triple eagle on a shield displayed on a banner of ‘stainless’ white. His son Paul III quickly realized that the flag looked too much like a white banner of surrender with no wind after the disastrous Postmyśl Incident, and instituted new colors based on that of the standard Poccnran infantry uniform of the time: crossed red belts over green with the Imperial triple eagle as a ‘buckle.’ With minor modifications, this flag was used until the deposition and murder of the last Czar.

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