“The Gumdrop Kingdom?” Dean, the barbarian, said. “Really? That is so lame.”

“Well, you can take the road through the Hellblaze Realm if you think that’s going to be too sugarcoated for you,” replied Celeste, the dungeon master.

“Dude, let’s just take the sugar route,” Hailey, the rogue, said. “We can build levels. It’ll be easier.”

“Pretty sure I can work the body parts of the candy people we slay into some killer sugarmancy,” said Matt, the wizard.

“You’re such a murder hobo, Matt,” said Sam, the cleric. Matt, in reply, made an innocent “what, me worry?” expression with his hands clasped under his chin, Precious Moments style.

“All right then,” Celeste said with a sly smile. “Upon entering the Gumdrop Kingdom, you are beset by a tribe of Oreorcs. Roll for initiative at -5.”

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