“Fairburn expects us to work together,” said Sexton. “I think I can forge whatever documents we need, get whatever costumes are necessary done. But keycards, biometrics? That is outside of my experience.”

“I have friends who still serve,” Kunstler said. “Contacts. They will be supportive if they know it could lead to my reinstatement.”

“Really?” Sexton said. “After all that?”

“There are still patriots in uniform, just as there are traitors,” replied Kunstler.

“Ominous much?” said Crys. “Sounds like you have a bunch of racist fascist insert-your-own-ist sleeper agents.”

Kunstler glowered. “Patriots,” he said. “People who know who, and what, they are.”

“Yeah,” Crys replied. “Fascists.”

“Come on, this isn’t helping,” Sexton said. “Fox, any ideas?”

The hologram shimmered. “Hook me up to the computer system, dearie, and I’ll show you just how useful I can be.”

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