The spirit wavered. “I cannot pass on from this mortal plane until I slay an evildoer.”

“Should be easy enough,” said Al-Arjun. “I know some evildoers that could use slaying.”

“Oh?” He’jan drew an ethereal blade from is scabbard. “Like this?” He lunged at Al-Arjun in a practiced, savage manner.

“AAHH!” Al-Arjun’s squawk was cut short when the blade pierced her chest. It passed harmlessly through, like a shaft of light.

“Oh,” she added. “I see. Tough to slay an evildoer when you can’t interact with the corporeal world.”

“It’s all I can do to stay standing on the ground rather than sinking through it,” said He’jan sadly. “I have tried many things. I even arranged for a criminal to be caught for a crime that led to his execution. Nothing.”

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