“Aren’t you worried you’ll run into…you know…an alternate version of yourself?” the kid asked.

Logona laughed before turning to spit. “You think that Amai-of-the Wormholes, the Grease Trap of the Universe, the Super-Sargasso Sea, is just crawling with parallel universe duplicates of folks?” she said.

The kid shrugged.

“Well, it ain’t,” said Logona. “Oh it happens, on occasion, but it’s usually not too tough to figure out. You meet someone from a skein that’s 50 years ahead of yours in time, you won’t have any trouble tellin’ the difference.”

“What about you, have you ever run into another Logona in Amai?”

The woman fell silent a minute, and a dark look passed over her features. “There’s only one Logona,” she said a moment later, “and you’re lookin’ at her.”

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