A little bird was perched on the windowsill.

“Yes?” the scientist said, surprised but bemused. “What can I do for you my little friend?”

“Are you Carolus Linnaeus?” squeaked the tiny guest.

“That’s right.”

“I hear you’re naming all the animals in the world,” the bird said. “I’m here to make sure you give me a good one.”

“Well,” the scientist said, consulting his notes. “I had been planning on calling you muscapturum, or flycatcher. Since you and your kind catch flies.”

“You can do better.” The little bird preened, and a 10,000-kronor note fluttered to the desk.

Gingerly, the scientist plucked up the bribe, smoothed it, and slipped it into a pocket. “How does ‘tyrant’ sound to you, the tyrannidae?”

“Beautiful,” chirped the bird. “Pleasure doing business with you.”

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