“Avery Byck, MDE.” Avery flashed his ID, which was a City of Ridgeland police badge with the markings ground off and re-engraved by Delta Trophies in Flowood. “I’m looking for a Mr. Eagleton.”

“MDE?” the man squinted. “Mississippi Department of Education?”

“No, their badge has a ruler on it,” Byck said. “I’m here to investigate a call by a Mr. Eagleton about something evil in his woods.”

“Well, all right, but I don’t know what the Department of Education can do about it.” The man paused, then chuckled. “Maybe learn it a thing or two? Hah!”

Byck nodded. “I take you’re Mr. Eagleton, sir?”

“Bah, that name don’t suit me none. Too high-flying. People around Tyler call me me Chick. Get it?”

“People used to call me Pen after the Bic, so yes sir I do,” said Byck. “Course they were saying “Bic” wrong, but some folks think I say “pen” wrong, so it all comes out in the wash.”

“You know, I’m surprised nobody ever calls old Chick Eagleton cracked, on account of all the commotion I’m always making,” Chick laughed. “But yeah, okay. Let me take you to where I saw the Hound Man of Tyler.”

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