Over the years, the Mississippi House Select Committee on Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks has served as a dumping ground for other odd agencies that the governor has seen fit to implement.

Beginning in 1972, in response to the Bayou Chrétien UFO sighting of that year, the governor created the Mississippi Commission of the Skies, with the charge to investigate UFO, angel, and other “heavenly sightings” using the latest technology but also in consultation with local religious authorities. The Bayou Chrétien UFO case became their first case, one of only five that the Commission would investigate before its abolition in 1980.

The case files were passed on to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, which, after only one month, passed them on to the University of Northern Mississippi’s archives, where they remain a popular destination for UFOlogists and devotees of the 1975 ‘Angels over the Ship Islands” incident. The last case also gained some notoriety as the Commission tried to use its investigative resources to prove that Jimmy Carter has been abducted and replaced with a “reploid” during his UFO encounter in 1969.

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