Vyaeh imperial policy is best defined as “economic domination.” Lower-technology worlds are simply blockaded and made to grant the Vyaeh monopolies on off-world travel and trade, which are strictly controlled and taxed. By trickling advanced technologies into the populace, usually as upgrades of existing, native, devices, the Vyeah can further concentrate power into the hands of a local elite, through which they prefer to rule. If such a species develops its own advanced technologies or spaceflight as a result, the Vyaeh simply tax it, or require an allotment of troops or ships to bolster their own forces.

More advanced species, able to meet Vyaeh fleets on more or less equal terms, are generally unable to match the numerical superiority that Vyaeh imperial policy grants. Supplemented with numerous, if not entirely reliable, conscripted troops from client worlds, a Vyaeh fleet will often enjoy a ten to one supremacy over foes. Generally, a series of short, sharp defeats are enough to bring foes to the negotiating table.

However, in the face of protracted resistance, the Vyaeh will not hesitate to make an example of the offender and drive them into extinction. The imperial policy, after all, is less about creating a functioning galactic economy than it is enforcing control with a minimum of military expenditure. If an occasional extinction of an intelligent species is necessary to reach that goal, the Vyaeh are all too willing.

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