Consider the example of the R’de.

Upon first contact with the Vyeah, the R’de were not numerous but their technology was considerably more advanced in many areas, particularly in propulsion, anti-entropic fields, and macro-scale engineering. Apparently, the Vyaeh had been monitoring their communications network for some time before receiving orders to attack.

The Orphaned Court had made its decision, and the pheromone-stamped orders were unambiguous. Rather than placing them under imperial domination, or even giving them the option, the R’de were to be exterminated. The technologically-advanced R’de were able to defeat the Vyaeh in several smaller-scale encounters, but they were ultimately scattered and their home world occupied.

Even now, millennia after the last living R’de was killed attempting to flee a pursuing Vyaeh naval detachment, standing orders remain to kill them and smash their technology wherever it may be found.

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