Pollocona County was dry for a decade after Mississippi repealed statewide prohibition in 1966, but folks always seemed to find their way over the county line to pick up some beer in “wet” Cahawba County. But even when Pollocona went “moist” in 1976, it included a set of rules that the First Baptist Church in Davis had demanded in exchange for their acquiescence. Chief among them was that alcohol had to be sold at room temperature, and could not be offered on Sundays.

That’s where the Beer Barn came into its own.

Located on a blind corner off of Division St, the Beer Barn was cannily designed as a drive-through in the familiar red-sided slope-roof style. It was, essentially, a giant walk-in freezer, with employees showing up to work in gloves and parkas. But since the beer was being served at “room temperature” it was within the latter of the law, if not the spirit. Old-timers well remember the old Beer Barn drive-thru line spilling out onto Division on days when there was a football game, and it changed hands several times commanding an increased price each time.

And then, in 2009, Pollocona County bowed to the inevitable and legalized chilled alcohol sales as well as Sunday sales. Davis First Baptist had since changed its tune, being the church of choice for wealthy restaurant and bar owners who wanted the booze money and had long looked upon the Beer Barn with envious eyes. Within a year, the Barn’s sales had dropped by 95% and it had shuttered. But that was only the beginning of its odyssey.

Perhaps remembering the long lines and thinking the location right on Division to be ideal, it was soon snapped up. But it turned out that making a difficult right turn and an even tougher left was something most were unwilling to do when they could get beer just about anyplace. So when the new incarnation, the BBQ Barn, failed within a year, it began a revolving door of tenants. The Butter Barn, a boutique for local butters and milks. The Blizzard Barn, an ice creamery. By some estimates, the property changed place every 18 months, and locals began to regard it as being cursed.

Six months ago, it re-re-re-re opened as the Daquiri Drive-Thru, dropping the “barn” name and painting the edifice a matte black. Offering powerful mixed drinks at a drive-thru didn’t seem wise–or legal–but, mysteriously, it has remained in business despite few customers ever being seen nearby.

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