The great T’Sugote declared that, as the first and proudest of its creations, that they would enjoy a favored status among the peoples of creation. Thus, when the first wars broke out among the sapient peoples, the elves came and petitioned T’Sugote for aid.

A dilemma was thus presented: by giving the elves too much power, T’Sugote would give them dominion and rule over the others, which it did not wish to do. But if it did nothing, its favorite and first creations would be slaughtered.

Thus did T’Sugote decree that the elves would be the hardiest survivors of the lands, the best suited to every environment, such that they would be unable to rule outside their kingdoms but be powerful within them.

This is how the forest elves, soft and fleshy because they were surrounded by life and the living, gave rise to the stone elves, with hard skin and mineral oil coursing the rough their veins. The brine elves arose also, moving through seawater as others move through air. Wherever elves settled, they would adapt within a few generations to their new home.

One exception was cities. T’Sugote withdrew from its creations in sorrow long before the first great cities arose, so they alone had no effect on elves–only the natural world would lead to adaptations.

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