The incident report from the Idaho State Police was released, heavily redacted, when the case was declared closed in summer 1999. Its official findings as to the disposition of each hiker are summarized below.

Patricia Mercer, 44
High school teacher and local mentor volunteer. Found face-up near remains of tent. Eyes and tongue missing, with other signs of scavenger predation. No obvious trauma.

Carrie Mercer, 17
Daughter of Patricia Mercer and high school senior. Remains never located. Presumed to have died from exposure after wandering away from Cassidy Daniels in the aftermath of the incident.

Cassidy Daniels, 19
Community college student who had arranged time off from class. Rescued. Died in Boise approximately one month later. Remains were disturbed several times by conspiracy theorists, and was therefore cremated in early 1999 with ashes scattered in Trout River.

Thomas Aaron, 21
One of two former Boy Scouts, a veteran of Philmont Scout Ranch hikes, and a part-time salesman at his father’s car dealership. Found some distance from the others with traumatic injuries to the face and head believed to be self-inflicted.

Jose Ramirez Jr., 22
The other former Boy Scout, and experienced Grand Canyon hiker. Unemployed at time of death, living off of a legacy from maternal grandfather. Found near the body of Shawna Blois, with blunt force trauma that seemed to indicate she had beaten him to death with a rock.

Shawna Blois, 16
The youngest hiker, a high school sophomore and amateur ballet dancer and gymnast. Found near the body of Jose Ramirez Jr. and believed to have killed him but had no visible external injuries. Eyes and tongue were missing, presumably taken by scavengers.

Marcus Washington, 20
A former football player who had dropped out of college after a career-ending injury his freshman year, working part-time as an assistant coach for the local high school. Body found in small stream near the site, face-down. Some indication of trauma to the face and hands, but the poor condition of the body made analysis difficult. Missing eyes and tongue, indicating the body had perhaps fallen into the stream after death.

William Reznik, 19
High school “super-senior” who was repeating his senior year in an attempt to graduate. In a romantic relationship with Maria Cruz, the only such relationship known among the hikers. Body was found near the tent, with no outward signs of injury. Missing eyes and tongue, presumably from scavengers. Cassidy Daniels indicated that he was the first to die and that Patricia Mercer attempted CPR.

Maria Cruz, 18
High school senior who had already been accepted as a scholarship student to Boise State University. She was found near Reznik’s body, with severe bruising on areas of her body suggestive of an intense struggle or epileptic fit. Missing eyes and tongue, presumably from scavengers.

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