BTSB Incident Report #2297-A

This incident involved the collision of two brooms, a Justin Precision Brush Company model 87 light broom, and an Industrial Sweepers International ISI-6 push-broom. The PBC-87 was a single-passenger broom with only the pilot aboard, while the ISI-6 was a taxi broom with a pilot and two passengers.

Taking off in rough weather and low visibility without filing a fight plan, the PBC-87 collided with the ISI-6 as the latter was on its final approach. One of the passengers was able to cast a teleportation spell and escaped with minor injuries, and the other was wearing a feather fall charm and was treated for severe whiplash. The two pilots were killed at the scene, which scattered bristles and splinters over an area of 2000 square yards.

It is the opinion of the BTSB in this matter that the pilot of the single-passenger broom, Dr. Mungocius Magnificus, was at fault due to his lack of flight time and experience. The pilot of the commuter broom, Keego Vitellius, and their employer, Ajax Broom Taxi Ltd., are absolved of any wrongdoing.

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