Name: Mourning Dove
Peckédex Number: 001
Type: Sweet Type, Pigeon Type
Weakness: Sour Type
Evolves From: Mourning Squab

This large, social Peckémon has a sweet disposition but startles easily. Though it may seem like a tubby weakling, a Mourning Dove won’t hesitate to call for backup if pressed, and its ascending sonic attack and bombadier counter make it a foe to be reckoned with.

Coo Crew – A Mourning Dove can coo an alarm and summon other Sweet-type Peckémon.

Sonic Ascension – Blistering sonic notes sharp enough to shatter glass shed from a Mourning Dove’s wings whenever it takes flight.

Poo Poo Bombardier – Mourning Doves, like all other Pigeon types, can dive and release a stink bomb that has a chance of poisoning, blinding, or nauseating the target. Pigeon Type Peckémon are immune.

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