Name: Eastern Bluebird
Peckédex Number: 002
Type: Water Type, Thrush Type
Weakness: Fire Type
Evolves From: Eastern Bloob

These unmistakable blue bombers keep a chilly and aloof distance but show their true fighting spirit when it comes to icing bugs for a meal. Natural scrappers, they will fight with anyone or anything for a few more morsels of sweet, sweet protein.

Ice Kick – Drawing on their theropod ancestors, the Eastern Bluebird tries to put enemies in the cold ground with this chilly double-claw maneuver.

Bug Blizzard – The Eastern Bluebird showers foes in a blinding blizzard of bug bits, from chitin to elytra.

Permafrost Peck – A coldhearted jab from a needle-sharp beak that is sure to freeze even the most determined opponent in its tracks.

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