Name: Brown-Headed Cowbird
Peckédex Number: 003
Type: Dark Type/Blackbird Type
Weakness: Light Type
Evolves From: Brown-Headed Changeling

Sporting dark motorcycle jackets for the men and brown bodysuits for the ladies, these rebels without a caw live a free and easy lifestyle thanks to their penchant for dumping their kids off to be raised by foster parents. But the little Hell’s Angels always find their way back to the gang, and what the Brown-Headed Cowbird lacks in strength, it makes up for in numbers. Parents who kick cowbird eggs out find themselves on the wrong end of the Cowbird Mafia.

Parasite Peck – A weak attack that steals health from the target Peckémon and gives it to the Brown-Headed Cowbird.

Egg Drop (female only) – The female violently drops an egg on her foe, causing major damage and giving her a bonus to attack.

Dark Water (male only) – The male summons his Cowbird Mafia, which proceeds to fit the target for a set of cement shoes using Dark-element water attacks that sap the target’s defense.

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