Name: Northern Cardinal
Peckédex Number: 004
Type: Fire Type, Cardinal Type
Weakness: Water Type
Evolves From: Northern Derp

As familiar as the rising sun, these fiery if flighty Peckémon are always ready to ignite a battle. With their incendiary temperament, powerful bite, and magnificent crest, these masked marauders are always full of pip and vigor.

Known Biter – With a beak specially adapted for cracking open tough seeds, cracking open soft and feathery Peckémon is no challenge at all!

Blaze Crest – This blinding burst of cresty energy will singe all but the most fireproof feathers. The higher the crest when it is fired off, the higher the damage!

Sonic Pip – With this alarming alarm call, the Northern Cardinal strikes fear into the hearts of its enemies, lowering their speed and agility.

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