Name: Rose-Breasted Grosbeak
Peckédex Number: 005
Type: Dark, Cardinal
Weakness: Light
Evolves From: Rose-Breasted Kleinbeak

This burly brawler of the backyard is always willing to throw down, especially the ladies, who have a long tradition of valkyrie-ism. When establishing a pecking order, they always know to go for the eyes!

Odin’s Eye – This blinding peck inflicts blindness and does dark-based damage. Ineffective against blackbird-type enemies.

Jourmungandr Joust – A meaty, axe-like swing with a seed-crackin’ beak for a shell of a lot of damage.

Einherjab – The grosbeak summons the spirits of warrior grosbeaks past and marshals them into an infernal horde, inflicting dark-based damage to all targets.

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