Name: Red-Shouldered Hawk
Peckédex Number: 010
Type: Air type, Murderbird type
Weakness: Earth type
Evolves From: Pink-Shouldered Hawkette

Is that a crimson chip on their shoulder, or are they just happy to be killing today? Either way, these impressive murderbirds deploy impressive snatch-and-grab tactics to keep their bellies full and their beaks bloodied!

Divebomb – The Red-Shouldered Hawk screams down on its prey with bared claws, dealing air-type damage. Weakened or low-level opponents may be eliminated entirely.

Piercing Gaze – The Red-Shouldered Hawk increases its enemy’s weakness to air-type damage, assuming that enemy is not immune.

Ominous Cry The Red-Shouldered Hawk circles the battlefield ominously, giving it a buff to its defense against all damage types other than earth-type.

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