Name: Carolina Chickadee
Peckédex Number: 012
Type: Metal type, Tit type
Weakness: Wood type
Evolves From: Carolina Eggadee

Smol but fierce, this southern chickadee brings big personality to the table. With its unmistakable cry, black cap, and classic bomb form, the Carolina Chickadee is ready to prove that size doesn’t matter.

Chicka-Dee-Dee-Dee – Adds 1 to the Carolina Chickadee’s Dee Counter. Caps at 99 Dees.

Chicka-DEUCE! – Deals metal-type damage based on the number of Dees in the Dee Counter. Higher numbers of Dees means more damage, status effects, and defense piercing.

Carolina Cuff – The Carolina Chickadee delivers a headbonk for light damage. Reduces the Dee Counter by 1.

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