Name: Northern Mockingbird
Peckédex Number: 014
Type: Noisy type, Mimic type
Weakness: Quiet type
Evolves From: Northern Mockingbabe

These skillful songbirds are master mimics, copying the songs of other birds and even certain automobiles with poise and panache! Only the most experienced avian audiologists can tell the difference between a Northern Mockingbird and the real deal–or at least that would be the case if they didn’t compulsively sample and remix their mimicry into chart-topping new songs.

Songsteal – This attack causes no damage, but gives the Northern Mockingbird a chance to learn an enemy attack. Once learned, the attack is added to the Song Store.

Mimic – The Northern Mockingbird chooses an attack from its Song Store and performs it. The type of any attack is changed to Noisy Type but it is otherwise identical. Once used, the attack disappears from the Song Store and must be relearned.

Phat Beak Remix – By selecting two attacks from its Song Store, the Northern Mockingbird can attempt to remix them into a new attack. This new attack will be Noisy Type but may feature other types as well. Not all combinations result in a workable attack, but both will disappear from the Song Store and need to be relearned.

Flat Note – If the Northern Mockingbird chooses two incompatible attacks for a Phat Beak Remix, the result will be a Flat Note, which does mild Noisy Type damage to a single target.

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