Name: Gray Catbird
Peckédex Number: 015
Type: Dark Type, Mimic Type
Weakness: Light Type
Evolves From: Gray Kittenbird

With a sassy black cap and a sassier red rear, the Gray Catbird nevertheless shy compared to its mimic cousins, preferring to meow its catcalls from cover. But beneath that demure exterior beats the true heart of a mimic, and the Gray Catbird can copy other birds as well as any of its kin.

Mew Too – By mimicking a cat, the Gray Catbird inflicts a small amount of dark type damage with a chance to inflict the Fear condition.

Mewrror, Mewrror – The Gray Catbird mimics the last enemy attack. Not all attacks can be mimicked. The attacks’ elements, if any, are changed to Dark type.

Sour Note – If the Gray Catbird tries to mimic an enemy attack which cannot be mimicked, the result will be a Sour Note, which does mild dark type damage to a single target.

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