Name: American Crow
Peckédex Number: 19
Type: Dark type, Crow type
Weakness: Light type
Evolves From: American Cackling

Tall, dark, and distinctive, the American Crow needs no introduction. Smart as a whip and a savvy scavenger, some may say it is a bird of ill omen or a pest, but the crows themselves do not see this as caws for concern.

Caws For Alarm – The American Crow summons its family group to deliver a dark-type multipeck attack. The number of crows appearing is random but increases with the crow’s level.

Yoink! – The American Crow attempts to steal an item from an enemy. If the attempt fails, or if the enemy has no items, a small amount of non-elemental damage is done instead.

Murder – The American Crow sacrifices some of its hit points to deliver a powerful attack. If the sacrifice brings the American Crow to 0 hit points, it will lose the battle unless the damage inflicted defeats the enemy, in which case the crow will revive with 1 HP.

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