Name: Brown Thrasher
Peckédex Number: 20
Type: Earth type, Mimic type
Weakness: Air type
Evolves From: Tan Thrasher

This spotty bruiser may want you to think he is tough as nails, but he has a songbird’s heart and a talent for mimicry to go along with his cousins the mockingbirds and catbirds. But if you’re not careful, you may still get an angry thrashing.

Thrash! – The Brown Thrasher lives up to its name with a devastating peck attack that takes one turn to power up. Pierces many types of defense.

Absorb Attack – Being hit while Absorb Attack is active adds the enemy attack performed to the Brown Thrasher’s Secret Song move.

Secret Song – The Brown Thrasher unleashes a mimicry of every attack it has absorbed, in order, up to a maximum of five. The attacks’ element, if any, is changed to Earth type.

Brown Note – Any attacks that cannot be mimicked during Secret Song are converted to Brown Notes which deal minor non-elemental damage.

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