Name: Turkey Vulture
Peckédex Number: 22
Type: Quiet Type, Murderbird type
Weakness: Noisy Type
Evolves From: Downy Vulchling

Huge and imposing in flight and on the ground, the Turkey Vulture is actually a gentle creature that never harms living beings except in self-defense. Their diet of carrion and relation to hawks and eagles, though, means they are not to be trifled with,

Rip ‘n’ Tear – The Turkey Vulture lashes out with its beak, inflicting damage and gaining life at the same time.

HORK! – The Turkey Vulture vomits up the corrosive contents of its stomach, weakening the defense of all enemies. There is a slight chance that each enemy will have a random status effect applied as well.

Fecal Armor – The Turkey Vulture, uh, protects itself with its poo. This gives it a bonus to defense and immunity to fire-type attacks, but water-type attacks will wash it away.

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