As told by Nacee, a human milliner originally from Exor

Stuff and nonsense! Here is what really happened to the volcano king that broke his word.

The Creator saw what was happening and was filled with righteous anger, for although the Creator lies dead and dreaming, some of Its dreams are still for us. On the one hand, the Creator was faced with an oath breaker, a man who could not be trusted. Clearly, the volcano king could no longer be trusted to be a just ruler. But on the other side, and just as bad, was the man who had claimed the Creator’s aid in a thing he had dome himself, a trick and therefore beneath reproach.

In the wisdom of his deathly dreaming, and as a prelude to the age of magic and paradise which will accompany It when It returns to life, the Creator caused a great thunderstorm to break over the volcano palace. Bolts of lightning rained down, and its great stones were rent asunder. Both the old king and the would-be usurper were cowed by the might of the Creator, which they recognized as divine vengeance.

Into their midst came a tall man, pale of skin and fair of hair, who lectured both on the error of their ways. Lifting his hand to the heavens, and invoking the blessing of his hidden and dreaming Creator, he found his hand filled with a sword of pure storm, of lightning and thunder and wind. With a single clean and cleaving blow, both the old king and the would-be usurper were cast into the volcano, and the righteous man of the Creator took their place, a king who would reign with peace and justice and a storm sword to back them both up.

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