There is a legend, heresy according to the Sepulcher, that Muolih the Spreading Darkness and the Creator made a wager before Muolih was banished. The two both had their finest mortal smiths construct blades of banishment that would seal the other, and whomsoever bore the lesser blade would be forced to grasp the other, sealing their loss with a thousand years’ exile.

The Creator turned to a trio of artisans known as the Three Mules: Mohc Dwarfblood, Anaïx Feyfather, and Salot Quarterling. Working in concert, and at the cost of Mohc’s life, they delivered a masterpiece in metal and crystal. Exilus the Bindblade, its handle a crystal conduit to a great prison of the same, made to the Creator’s specifications.

Muolih entrusted his blade to a smith from his chosen and favored creations, the goblins. This was a time before gobs had been stripped of their names and charged with earning them back, and the smith was known as Efilam Shatterhand. Working with two others from peoples subjected to Muolih’s baleful influence, Gnasher of the ogres and Latem the orc, they turned in a great two-handed falx. Its warpwood handle was wrapped in runes of imprisonment, leading to the black heart of a hexed tree that would endure for an age.

Both blades were intensely crafted, intensely beautiful, but in giving his life to the forge, Mohc had made his the stronger. Muolih sensed this immediately, and sought to win by trickery what he could not by art.

“Truly, I am humbled and beaten,” said he. “Allow me to make you a gift of my blade before I grasp yours, for I have cast away all its baleful magicks.”

When the Creator doubted that this was so, Muolish appeared to grow wounded. “I admit freely that yours is the better; with such truth on my lips you would yet call me a liar?”

With this, the Creator smiled, and noted that such honesty deserved a just reward, It offered Its own blade, which It said had been disenchanted just like Muolih’s.

And so it was that the wily Spreading Darkness was caught in a web of his own making. For he had not dispelled the enchantment, and by linking them, the Creator had avoided speaking a lie. Sensing his defeat, he took both blades in hand in a blind rage, meaning to strike the Creator down where It stood. But in so doing, Muolih was banished to a double prison, and was two thousand years to fester before being visited upon the world again.

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