Swordtember 15: Forest

The fairest folk of Layyia wood
A predicament they did face
Against attacks by kingsman none could
Stand resolute in one place

The king said they, his subjects, owed
Him a reverently bended knee
The woodfolk, with their answer, showed
They gave him no fealty

But against the armored shining knights
Their wooden spears did break
To close within an arrow’d flight
Would be a grave mistake

Steel they needed in shining blades
To fight their armored foes
But with no smithies in their glades
They knew not where to go

It happened then that an ancient blade
Was unearthed in the wood
The folk restored its tempered shade
The best that any could

But with that steel they slew a man
And took his sword and shield
So it was then that they began
To make the kingsmen yield

With each Layyian man that fell
A sword he gifted them
And soon the ring of battle gave tell
From each and every glen

The king was forced to slink away
Defeat his men had known
A hundred years later, to the day
A woodman was upon his throne

You may think your fight may fail
As enemy forces swell
But a single sword can yet prevail
If it is wielded well

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