Puck Evereyes was the name the gob took for himself, and it is worth looking at why. For many years he worked as a nameless bodyguard, appearing in sellsword alleys every morning looking for work as a bodyguard.

When he found it, he would often help his clients gird themselves before going out. Invariably, they would hide a dagger or smallsword in among their things as a weapon of last (or first) resort. Though they were not always drawn, they were always girded.

Evereyes developed a keen sense of where these weapons were kept, the subtle methods used to disguise them, and the telltale signs of their presence. Soon, he was disarming foes before it was even clear that they bore swords at all.

That explains the name Evereyes, then. But what of Puck?

Not long before he took his name, Evereyes was acting as a bodyguard for a mercenary in Toan, and the man sought to swindle the gob out of his fee by murdering him. When he tried to draw a boot knife to do the dirty deed, he found that Evereyes, suspicious, had removed the blade already.

“You puckish little thing!” the man had cried, before beating a retreat.

In his latter days, Puck Evereyes operated a school for sellswords in Toan, accepting only gobs and refusing payment until they had completed his third lesson, to give the young, the poor, and the nameless a chance at the same success he had enjoyed.

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