The Purposeful Blade was forged for King Eyon I in the days when magic was common in Pexate, long before it began to wane from the world. In the great battle at Moxtun Moor against the Layyians under Seraq II, every member of King Eyon’s personal retinue carried a magic weapon. The Layyians’ defeat was made clear to the House of Owls when Eyon cast upon its floor twenty-seven magicked weapons, taken from their slain owners.

Eyon had the blade enchanted so that it would glow when held by someone of his line; the closer to direct descent they were, the brighter the glow. It could also at one point cast a powerful beam of light, allowing the king’s men to find him in the dark or in a melee; this has not been seen since the death of Alaric II. As Alaric was murdered by False Eyon the Usurper, he never taught the command word to anyone and it was lost.

Needless to say, the Purposeful Blade’s current status as a coronation artifact, and the exalted position of Bladekeeper held by the barons in Aiov, are not ancient. Kings carried the blade into battle and even used it for executions until Veilsunder, the Black Blade of the Mountains, was destroyed at the Battle of Toan.

With the remaining magical weapons in Pexate falling into single digits, and the ability to create more long gone, the Purposeful Blade was relegated to its current use as a coronation tool and rough paternity test.

Though rumors that the blade was smeared with phosphor for the coronation of False Eyon the Usurper persist, especially once his true parentage became known.

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