Sanguinaire vampires supposedly roamed the land in the time of Eyon II and the Long Interregnum, using their wiles to drain the populace of both wealth and blood. It was said that the surest way to detect one was their inability to bear the touch of silver, and that beheading with a silver blade was the surest way of killing them.

It is said that their dominance was strongest in the barony of Exor, where the lord had fallen under their sway. The folk hero Nobudua Half-Naïx is often credited with their destruction, with the stories usually hinging on his cunning in the face of sanguinaire trickery.

Nobudua was supposedly the son of a father from the Seven Sisters of Naïx and a Pexate mother, carrying his father’s cutlass that he reforged to contain silver.

One of the most popular anecdotes is the Surrender at Serpeé, where a magistrate demanded Nobudua’s sword, little knowing that it was silver-imbued. The resulting furor resulted in the liberation of the town, and the beginning of Nobudua’s campaign in Exor.

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