The identity of the Tinker of Gizan is not wholly known. Some say that he was a halfling, one of the very last of his kind upon the world before their line failed. He may also have been a mule, perhaps a dwelf. Some even say his creations could only be explained by descent from the legendary gnomes, who are said to live fathoms below the sands of Naïx.

Perhaps he was just very clever.

In any case, the Crimson Empire had to contend with his inventions when they took Gizan. Automatic magazine-fed crossbows, Trebuchets with pinpoint accuracy. A foul mixture that burned even underwater. But the mechanical swords that armed the elite Gizan troops are his best-remembered.

Though none survive, Imperial sources claim they could be used as a shortsword or unfolded into a short spear, with some wilder stories of spring-loaded tips powerful enough to kill a man.

In any event, the Tinker died the day after his city fell. Brought before the Crimson General and ordered to serve the Empire, he refused and was summarily executed-a fate he eventually shared with the Crimson General, who had been ordered to take him alive.

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