“We can only cross the Noctilucent Glaciers at night.” Guide looked over the windswept landscape, her breath misting the air even in the relative shelter of the campsite.

“Why’s that?” Newc asked. “Should be pretty easy, yeah? Just don’t fall and slip?”

“Crevasses.” Guide’s breath misted about her scarf, clinging in laces to the fur of her hood, where tiny icicles had begun to form. “Deep pits of ice, often covered with a thin rind to trick you into stepping on them.”

“I know what a crevasse is,” said Newc. “Mountaineers have ways of dealing with them, yeah? Ropes, poking the snow, all that sort of thing?”

“These are trickier. It’s almost like they want you to fall in.” Guide snorted to herself. “Hell, maybe they do. But the glow only comes from solid ice, from critters that live in it. So we wait.”

As the sun set, and true to Guide’s word, the glacier was soon suffused with a gentle lucent glow, outlining a safe path forward.

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