“Skull Forest.”

“That’s the human name for it. What do the gobs call it?”

“Yepena Rec, which translates as Forest of Skulls.”

“Hmph. I bet the elves have a better name for it.”

“They know it as Gaidos Paviwv meaning–you guessed it–Skull Forest.”

“I’ll bite. Why the grim names in so many languages?”

“It’s one of the last places that ogres could be found while they were being wiped out. After the great battle on the moors, when the king’s men caught the ogrish women and children in the open and cut them to ribbons, the ogre warriors came to this forest, sat down, and starved to death. You can still see their skulls and skeletons if you know where to look, since ogrebone doesn’t disarticulate or rot. And of course a good idea is a good idea, so even after the ogres were extinct, all sorts of other folks came to the forest to do the same, to end their lives with what they thought was a little dignity.”

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