“He was quite agitated when he came in,” Dr. Cherry said. “We administered 200ccs of prisencolinensinainciusol, and that has calmed him significantly.” “200ccs of what?” Ellie said. “Oh, uh, you’d know it better as Prisencol HCL,” said Cherry. “Very mild sedative with some anti-psychotic properties in most cases.” “Your doctor says you were shouting about something,” Ellie said. “About knowing who killed your friend Stephens. Is that right, Nayt? Did you see who killed him?” “Plains of stardust and purple flowers,” said Nayt. “Pixel friends and mushroom powers.” Ellie looked at Cherry. “Is that a side effect of your happy pills, doctor?” “It, uh, it shouldn’t be.” “Is he another schizophrenic?” “Nayt? No, he’s manic-depressive with associated ADHD hyperfixation and OCD,” Cherry said, looking worried. “Normally he is quite coherent.”
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