Rule 67: Wear At Least Business Casual

When The End comes, do your best to wear something a bit more formal.

It’s not necessary to wear your finest clothes, as those tend to unduly restrict movement and comfort. But you also do not want to greet The End in your pajamas. Therefore, simple business casual is a good choice, a mix of comfort and formality. Greet The End as if it were an interviewer for a job, or a retirement party–which, in a sense, it is.

Look. Some people are going to meet The End in their sweatpants, howling and mewling against their fate like the animals they truly are. Others are going to be there in tuxedoes, sweating and chafing to the very last. Do you want to be like them?

Everyone who could possibly judge your choices will be gone, too. Sweet oblivion is all that awaits, with no worry of barbs tossed by snarky spirits in some sort of hereafter.

No, there is only the inevitability of The End as it finds you, the last sucking gasp of air, and then a dark curtain. It will be as it was before you were born, and no amount of pleading, bargaining, or false ceremony will change that.

The End is coming. The End will soon be here. Dress up nice for it. But not too nice.

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