To remember beyond the span of a single life requires the information to be set down in writing. To this end, it was essential that the orcs learn to read and write, and Hamur took it upon himself to do this.

He had studied the many scripts then in use, from the old high orcish of the swallowed empire to the dwarven agglutinations, from the sinuous lines of elfscript to the utilitarian blocks of the profligate humans. In the end, he devised a script that perfectly captured all the sounds of the orcish language he and his followers already spoke, and taught it to his followers.

Hamur could not do all this alone. He had already declared Aynak mamihamur, one who repeats Hamur. Now Hamur and Aynak trained others, to spread the word of the Hamurabash. But that was not their only purpose; they were also teachers of reading and writing, engineers of water wells and masonry, and hunters of great skill.

A mamihamur’s worth comes not only from his recitation of the Hamurabash, but from his contributions to the community. Let them be welcomed for their skills as a teacher, for then to teach the Hamurabash will come as naturally as a desert wind.

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