The old orcs had many traditions born from their hard life amid the sands, their constant struggle with other sapients such as the Qumwab humans. Hamur recognized that many of these traditions were as fine steel, tempered by heat and fierce blows. Much as steel cares nothing for the hand that wields it, so too could these practiced be grasped by the Hamurabash and set to noble purpose.

Hamur said, then, let all who follow the Hamurabash go everywhere girded with their arms, lest they be called upon to fight for their home at a moment’s notice. Let all who follow the Hamurabash eat only those animals which were clean and free of illness, their lives ended humanely. And let not the followers of the Hamurabash shy from other innovations that strengthen them, so long as they do not lead to idolatry, to false worship, to false gods.

If they be in need of example, let them look to the memory of Hamur and his first mamihamurs.

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