“Deerton has never needed a library,” Margrave said, her hands folded. “Did you know that maintaining the library in Cascadia costs each taxpayer $265.53 per year? That’s a 73 cent per day tax burden that people around here don’t need to worry about.”

“73 cents per day?” Karl said. “We should have gotten rid of it years ago.”

“Where are you getting hose figures from?” said Gil, quietly. “I want to see the tax records.”

“You’ll have to take that up with the city solicitor’s office,” Margrave continued. “Besides, if people in Deerton want books, Amazon is right there for them with two-day shipping and low prices. Kids with no pocket money use the school library, which your taxes are already paying for. It just makes sense.”

“And people with no money to spend on books?” Ann said.

“They can borrow them from their friends, of course,” Margrave smiled. “Who needs a building and paid book-wranglers to keep track of that? Our people are smart, let’s give them a little credit.”

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