Thank you for your purchase of the Holiday Time Megaphone! The following FAQ is provided for your convenience:

Q: Do I have to use the Holiday Time Megaphone for holiday-related purposes?
A: No, the Holiday Time Megaphone will function as a normal megaphone at any time of the year.

Q: What should I use the Holiday Time Megaphone for?
A: You can use it to announce gifts, communicate with relatives, or ring in the new year!

Q: Are there any built-in festive songs or sound effects in the Holiday Time Megaphone?
A: No, the Holiday Time Megaphone features only three modes: Amplify, Alarm, and Off.

Q: What makes the Holiday Time Megaphone a holiday item if it does not include any holiday-related uses or features?
A: Its bright red color and its packaging, of course!

Q: If the packaging is removed, wouldn’t it look like any other megaphone?
A: All right, maybe the Holiday Time Megaphone is simply a way for Hainan Microelectronics Limited to move a few more megaphones in the red colorway. But can you blame us? Americans will buy anything in December as long as it’s red. And they call uscommunists.

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