Q: What is the North Shore Cryptid Refuge?
A: The NSCR is a wilderness area set aside for both native and invasive cryptids. These mythical beings need large areas of suitable habitat, and the NSCR was one such area set aside by the Cryptid Act 1972.

Q: Which cryptids are present in the NSCR?
A: By their very nature, cryptids are elusive and impossible to quantify using rational numbers. However, sasquatch, six species of extraterrestrial, greater and lesser Fresno nightcrawlers, a mothman, and more have all been reported. Invasive chupacabras and lake monsters have also been seen.

Q: How can I see cryptids in the NSCR?
A: Park rangers advise deliberately using older, lower-quality digital cameras or actual film stock, preferably around dawn or dusk or in foggy/stormy conditions. Cryptids thrive in conditions that make them difficult to photograph.

Q: This is dumb.
A: That’s not a question, but we hear you. You know what’s not dumb, though? The millions of dollars in tourist revenue that the NSCR brings to the area, including CryptFest.

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