The meaning of “Siah-Lall” is obscure, and predates its use in Naïx by centuries. A number of etymologies have been proposed, from “mongrel-people” (from the Low Elvish shia hjal or “mixed dog”) to “stateless” (from the Vulgar Imperial sii beliial, “less homeland”). In either case, it is a term applied to the extremely diverse and mixed populations of the coast, the Seven Sisters of Naïx, and groups descended from or allied to them found further inland. True to the Seven Sisters’ reputation, Siah-Lall include humans, orcs, dwarves, elves, goblins, and mules. Extinct halflings are attested as late as Imperial 1152, one of their last refuges anywhere, ad at least one ogre was noted as living in the city of Gizan in Imperial 1202, the last known living exemplar.

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