Name: Blue Jay
Peckédex Number: 027
Type: Water type, Crow type
Weakness: Fire type
Evolves From: Blue Aye

The most glam of corvids, blue jays have traded in their dark feathers for a bright blue coat and crest. While some may see them as mere songbird posers, few other birds match crow intellect with stylish flair.

Mimic Hawk – By mimicking the call of a nearby hawk, the blue jay can inflict fear status on enemies. There is a small chance the enemy will flee, and a small chance that an actual hawk will answer the call.

Liquid Peck – An aquatic jab that deals light water-type damage.

Feather Flash – By flashing its iridescent feathers, a blue jay attempts to blind opponents. Enemies immune to blindness take light damage instead.

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