Now I know what you’re thinking: “But Vlad! Now that I’ve signed up for BloodLyfe and accepted the dark blood of Nesuferit, what other exciting opportunities are there to run my own business and be my own boss?”

Well, friend, I can tell you that BloodLyfe has got you covered. Now that you’re a member, you can recruit thralls of your own! They go out and collect sweet lifeblood for you, which you use to sustain your unholy hunger and vile life force. In exchange, you pass a mere 10% of your blood take up the chain to your former master (using our free LyfePak preservation bags and your own freezer).

Once your thralls are ready, you can feed them your own vile ichor and move up a level! Then you will receive 10% of their blood take, and be well on your way to a seat on the Dark Council, bathed in the living blood of your victims.

Now the more skeptical among you might point out that this system requires a continual investment of new members to keep the blood flowing. And this is true! This is why we have capped the number of upper-level members and require their assassination for further progress. This keeps the treadmill running, while the rampant human birth rate takes care of the rest.

Enjoy your newfound independence! But remember: tarry too long in your recruitment, and the Blood Hunger will be upon you, the steady exsanguination of your husk increasing your madness up to the point of True Death.

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