Cosa Nosfetatu
Originally Italian, now open to members of all nations and creeds. Primarily involved in protection rackets, trading business owners and residents small quantities of their own blood in exchange for defense against creatures of the night.

Romanian roots, the oldest and most successful vampiric crime organization. Skims blood from city hospitals and blood banks, supporting its activities by trading illegal medicine and narcotics.

Hemoglobin Cartel
Latin American in origin, but not restricted in its recruitment. Chief importer of cheap foreign blood. Controls the dockyards and strictly limits the immigration of foreign vampirics.

The Five Fangs
American/Canadian; does not accept foreign-born or foreign-made recruits. Named after its three founding street vampires, one of whom had a chipped fang. Mostly involved in human trafficking for “blood farms,” in which people are sequestered and intravenously drained for a period as payment for debts.

Unione Corpuscle
French, with strong ties to Corsica and Marseille. Somewhat weaker in the New World after infamous “French Circulation” was busted. Very involved in new technology, including synthetic hemogloboids, “designer bloods,” and cloning rare Bombay blood types.

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