In the Prosperous North, there stood the city of Vaaj, sometimes spelt Vaj or Vaugh, that ruled over a hinterland of the same name. It had been given over to the House of Dothan to rule by the Heavenly King before his line had failed and the old Prosperous Empire crumbled. The house of Dothan ruled for seven times seven generations in peace, only riding forth to war in aid of their friends and allies. But in the reign of Dothan Xiong, an enemy arose which infiltrated the lands and lad them waste: drought and famine.

Dothan Xiong cared greatly for his people, ruling them with the title of Khan as had his forefathers before him. Much of the treasury was spilled in buying food from abroad for the people, but that was not sustainable, for the gold was finite and Vaaj’s trading partners were in as desperate a state as it was. It was then that Dothan Xiong turned to his only son, Dothan Vou, sending him and a small retinue abroad to search for a solution to the Great Famine. Dothan Vou was skilled in the Art, much more so than any in his family had been in generations, and as the son of the queen, last scion of the nearby land of Sokho, he stood to inherit both kingdoms as Khan upon his ascension.

Dothan Vou started up the river that led through Vaaj, seeking its source and answers for the withering of his nation and its people.

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